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How to make Coffee, Tea and other Hot Drinks?

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You know how to make hot coffee and your warm tea is a comfort day and night. Maybe you've even put some work into those espresso-making skills. Now it's time to get adventurous and mix your coffee and tea into a new drink.
There is not a shortage of delicious, satisfying, and comforting coffee and tea recipes. Some are served nice and hot while others are chilled to the max. All of them are full of flavor and you'll have fun discovering a new favorite drink.
From iced lattes and hot coffee recipes to perfecting hot and iced teas, even a primer on hot chocolate versus cocoa, this guide will help you explore different recipes for your favorite beverages. There's no need to simply pour and sip when it's too easy to add a splash of flavor and fun.
  1. Essential Espresso Recipes.Espresso is a style of coffee brewed in a specific manner to create a concentrated 'shot' of coffee. This high-impact and flavorful beverage is the perfect base for creating many of our favorite coffee house drinks.
From the latte and cappuccino to the macchiato and flat white, espresso drinks come in many styles and flavors. Some are hot and some are iced, and they're all good. You can learn how to make these popular drinks at home and become your own barista for a fraction of the cost.
  1. Mix Up Your Hot Coffee. You don't need an espresso machine to enjoy a great coffee drink. All you really need is a freshly brewed cupfrom your drip coffee maker, French press, or your preferred brewing method.
The key to coffee drink recipes is to start with a fresh, full-flavored coffee. The more flavor, the better when you're going to make drinks like Cafe con Miel, New Orleans Coffee, or Irish Coffee. These are simple recipes that anyone can make and they'll be even better if you begin with a good cup.
3. Coffee and espresso may be known best as warm drinks, but iced coffee is changing things quickly. Iced coffee drinks are not just for summer, either. These cool beverages are enjoyed year round and appeal to many drinkers who don't care for regular coffee.
Favorites in the iced coffee category include iced lattes, coffee-flavored milkshakes, and the brilliant Thai Iced Coffee. You can also add to your iced coffee experience by creating latte ice.
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