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Do you know how to make a cup of turkish coffee

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Try Your Hand At Making Turkish Coffee
Is a strong cup of Turkish coffee the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Turkish cuisine? These tiny, delicate cups of extra strong coffee have become the universal symbol of Turkish culture for good reason. Preparing, serving and enjoying Turkish coffee is an integral part of daily life. So much history, tradition, and lore exist behind Turkish coffee that it's impossible to talk about Turkish food without paying it the attention it deserves. Fortune-telling is only the beginning.
If you're a fan of strong coffees like espresso, or you've had the chance to try Turkish or Greek coffee before and want to make it yourself, let the following pages serve as your guide to help you prepare a perfect cup of authentic Turkish coffee every time.
What You Need To Make Turkish Coffee
It's best to have all the materials and ingredients you'll need ready before you begin.
Freshly ground Turkish coffee
A small copper or stainless steel kettle called a 'cezve' (Jez-VAY')
A small cup and saucer designed for Turkish coffee or espresso
A wooden spoon for stirring and measuring the coffee
Sugar cubes, or granulated sugar
What You Need 1: Freshly Ground Turkish Coffee
What You Need 2: A Small Cup And Saucer
What You Need 3: A Small Kettle Called A ‘Cezve’ (jez-VAY’)
What You Need 4: Sugar
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